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Tentagon, a specialist in high-quality awning systems, partnered with EasyMedia 360° to bolster its online presence and drive sales through Google Ads.

Client Overview:
Tentagon, a specialist in high-quality awning systems, partnered with EasyMedia 360° Digital Agency to bolster its online presence and drive sales through effective Google Ads campaigns. Operating in a competitive market, Tentagon faced challenges that required a strategic and innovative approach to digital advertising.

Tentagon operated in an industry with stiff competition, and breaking through required navigating challenges such as intense market competition and reaching a discerning audience. The company sought a solution to enhance its visibility, engage its target audience effectively, and drive conversions through Google Ads.

EasyMedia 360° Digital Agency devised a comprehensive strategy, leveraging the full suite of tools provided by Google Ads:

  1. Optimized Google Ads Campaigns: Utilized the full range of tools available within Google Ads to optimize campaigns, including ad extensions, audience targeting, and advanced bidding strategies.
  2. Lightning-Fast Website: Developed a new, custom website optimized for speed, ensuring a seamless user experience and quick loading times.
  3. UI/UX Elements: Implemented correct UI/UX elements tailored to the specific needs of the target audience, contributing to higher conversion rates and user satisfaction.
  4. Continuous Campaign Monitoring: Maintained vigilant oversight of campaigns, ensuring they remained in excellent status through ongoing optimization efforts.
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The collaborative efforts between Tentagon and EasyMedia 360° Digital Agency yielded notable results:

  1. Significant Growth: The strategically optimized Google Ads campaigns, combined with the lightning-fast website, contributed to a notable increase in leads and business growth.
  2. High Click-Through Rates: The continuous monitoring and optimization of campaigns resulted in consistently high click-through rates, indicating strong engagement from the audience.
  3. Lower Cost Per Click: The meticulous management of campaigns led to a reduction in the cost per click, maximizing the return on investment for Tentagon.
  4. Enhanced User Experience: The new website’s UI/UX elements provided a positive and seamless experience for visitors, contributing to increased conversions.

Tentagon: Reduced cost per click increased leads!


“Working with EasyMedia 360° Digital Agency has been nothing short of a joyride. When we first embarked on this digital adventure, little did we know that the journey would be filled with laughs and success. There was this one time when we jokingly suggested pausing all campaigns due to ‘high loads of work and inquiries. EasyMedia 360° responded with the same wit and humor, assuring us that success doesn’t take breaks. And they were right! The campaigns kept rolling, and so did the inquiries – turns out, joy and results go hand in hand. But on a serious note, their strategic approach, combined with the creation of our lightning-fast website, catapulted Tentagon to new heights. If you’re looking for a digital partner that knows how to deliver results EasyMedia 360° is the team for you!”

As a conclusion, the success of Google Ads campaigns for Tentagon, orchestrated by EasyMedia 360° Digital Agency, highlights the effectiveness of a strategic approach, coupled with a well-designed website, in driving business growth and engagement. The heartwarming and humorous collaboration between the two entities exemplifies the positive impact of a strong partnership in achieving digital success.