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Design for Smartpharmacy

Smartpharmacy, the leading construction company specializing in constructing and renovating pharmacies in Greece, collaborated with EasyMedia 360 Digital Agency to transform its online presence

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Smartpharmacy, despite being the number 1 construction company for pharmacies in Greece, needed to elevate its digital presence. Challenges included intense market competition, the need for a modern website, and achieving top positions in organic search results for crucial keywords.

EasyMedia 360 Digital Agency devised a comprehensive strategy to address Smartpharmacy's challenges:

  1. Website Redesign with SEO Focus: The UI/UX team at EasyMedia crafted a modern and user-friendly website, implementing SEO best practices to enhance visibility and user experience.
  2. Mobile-First Design: Prioritizing mobile responsiveness, the website was designed to be one of the best mobile-first designs in the sector, ensuring optimal user engagement across devices.
  3. SEO Optimization: Content was strategically optimized for organic search, focusing on crucial keywords and different geographical areas to capture a broader audience and keywords that were not popular to other competitors but very important to the pharmacists searching locally.
  4. Google Ads Campaigns: Multiple targeted Google Ads campaigns were launched, focusing on high-conversion keywords to maximize the impact of digital advertising.


The collaborative efforts between Smartpharmacy and EasyMedia 360 Digital Agency resulted in remarkable outcomes:

The modern and user-friendly website design, coupled with SEO optimization, led to a threefold increase in website conversions.

Smartpharmacy achieved the first organic search position for essential keywords, solidifying its visibility and authority in the construction of pharmacies.

The Google Ads campaigns, strategically focused on specific keywords and regions, achieved a high conversion rate, maximizing the return on investment.

The mobile-first design not only contributed to a better user experience but also aligned with current best practices, enhancing the overall digital presence of Smartpharmacy.

In conclusion, the success of the website redesign and digital marketing efforts for Smartpharmacy by EasyMedia 360 Digital Agency demonstrates the transformative impact of a strategic and holistic approach to enhancing online presence and visibility in a competitive market.

Working with EasyMedia 360 Digital Agency has been a game-changer for Smartpharmacy. The challenges we faced in the digital landscape were met with expertise, creativity, and a commitment to our success. The website redesign was not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and optimized for SEO, resulting in a significant increase in conversions. The achievement of the first organic search position for crucial keywords showcased EasyMedia's mastery in SEO. The Google Ads campaigns were spot-on, targeting the right keywords and regions with remarkable precision. Our marketing efforts have seen unprecedented success, thanks to EasyMedia's strategic approach and dedication. The team's heart is in their work, and it reflects in the outcomes. I wholeheartedly recommend EasyMedia 360 Digital Agency for any company looking to make a mark in the digital arena.