Social Media Marketing

Social Media Ads
for Avramidis Drag Parts

Successful Digital Marketing Campaign for Avramidis Drag Parts by EasyMedia Digital Agency

Avramidis Drag Parts faced several challenges:

  1. Overreliance on Facebook: Relying solely on Facebook led to inefficiencies, numerous messages, and canceled orders.
  2. Wasteful Spending: Despite spending money on Facebook, the return on ad spend (ROAS) was low, resulting in financial losses.
  3. Limited Awareness: The brand struggled to reach a wider audience, hindering growth and customer acquisition.

EasyMedia Digital Agency implemented a comprehensive solution:

  1. Connected Website with Digital Marketing Funnels: Integrated the website with various digital marketing funnels to maximize reach and engagement.
  2. Strategic Ad Optimization: Created unique and visually appealing advertisements, optimizing them for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Diverse Ad Platforms: Utilized multiple digital marketing channels beyond Facebook to broaden the reach and target diverse audiences.
  4. Monthly Performance Tracking: Implemented rigorous tracking mechanisms to measure and optimize the campaign's performance.

The digital marketing campaign orchestrated by EasyMedia Digital Agency yielded outstanding results:

  1. 40+ ROAS on Social Media: Achieved a staggering 40+ ROAS on social media, demonstrating a highly effective return on investment.
  2. 400% Increase in Targeted Clicks: Experienced a remarkable 400% increase in targeted clicks on a monthly basis, indicating heightened user engagement.
  3. 500,000 Monthly Ad Views: Attained an impressive initial monthly ad view count, nearly reaching 500,000, boosting brand awareness.
  4. New Customer Acquisition: The optimized campaign attracted a significant number of new customers to the e-shop.
  5. Enhanced Brand Awareness: The strategic approach to diversified digital channels elevated brand awareness, driving organic traffic.

Key Elements of Success

Connected the website with various digital marketing funnels for comprehensive reach.

Created visually appealing and unique advertisements for maximum impact.

Utilized multiple digital marketing channels beyond Facebook to target diverse audiences.

Implemented thorough tracking mechanisms to measure and optimize campaign performance.

In conclusion, the successful digital marketing campaign for Avramidis Drag Parts by EasyMedia Digital Agency showcases the transformative impact of strategic and diversified digital strategies. The impressive results not only drove new customer acquisition but also elevated brand awareness and significantly improved the return on ad spend. EasyMedia’s expertise became a catalyst for Avramidis Drag Parts’ success in a highly competitive market.


Working with EasyMedia Digital Agency was a game-changer for Avramidis Drag Parts. Before, our Facebook-centered strategy was draining time and resources. EasyMedia transformed our digital marketing landscape. The results were not just numbers; they were a lifeline for our business. The 25.8 ROAS on social media and the 400% increase in targeted clicks showcased the expertise and dedication of the EasyMedia team. They didn't just optimize ads; they revitalized our brand. I can confidently say that the decision to work with EasyMedia was one of the best decisions for our business. They're not just a digital agency; they're partners in our success story.